Meditations on Winter

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In this post I share my musings on the season of winter. In New Zealand we are officially in winter. I like to meditate on what each unique season can bring in for us. Energetically, in winter there is much to see and reflect upon in our daily lives. This meditations on winter post is written from my experience as a naturopath, herbalist, gardener and intuitive healer.

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Winter in New Zealand

In the upper/central north island in Waikato, we don’t tend to get snow during winter. However, with plenty of frosts we still feel the chill. Coming into winter, some may feel a slow growing sense of dread! Are you this way about the cooler seasons?

It’s understandable. Not everyone enjoys rain, snow, hail or frost! Extreme weather patterns give unpredictable forecasts too. Here in New Zealand, you can easily get all four seasons in one day any time of year.

However, I feel there is actually a lot worthwhile to embrace in winter. Allow me explain further.

scenic view of the mountains

Rest and Slowing Down

I love to reflect on how nature affects us as humans as the seasons change.

Even though we may not be forest and cave dwellers any longer, I believe humans and nature share an unbreakable connection. I feel nature gives us prompts and cues with the change of season that help us align with natural cycles in our body.

Meditations on Winter

For example, spring is a time of new growth, beginnings and fast moving upwards energy. While autumn tends to be a time of abundance, harvest, and inward directed fast moving energy.

Winter on the hand, is a time where everything, including us are prompted to slow down and rest. The diminishing daylight hours mean growth in the garden slows down.

This also affects animals and their productivity too. Winter slows grass growth for milking cows, and the shorter days cause hens to moult feathers and cease laying eggs until spring. Think of bears hibernating for winter. This means winter is a time for a long, well earned rest from our hard work.

We are wholeheartedly reliant on what our beautiful Mother Earth provides for us. I like to see us as the stewards of the planet, working to co-create harmony between us and other species in nature.

I feel when we consciously choose to tune into these natural rhythms, we can benefit greatly from the change of pace.

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Tuning In To Winter Rhythms

What does slowing down and rest mean for you? During winter, do you feel like you just want to stay home and cozy up?

For you, it might mean doing the bare minimum around socialising or going out. I feel like time at home during winter is the best! Do what needs to be done, but the time for being outdoors in the sun will come again soon.

Spring energy can often feel a bit exhausting at times as it is non-stop. Likewise, you may also be feeling particularly fatigued from a long, hot endless summer. Now is the time in winter to recuperate and nourish yourself so you are ready to embrace the sun again soon.

Build up your nutrient stores with wholesome, hearty meals. Drink warming broths and herbal cups of tea. Give yourself the gift of time to put your feet up and soak up the fruits of your hard work over summer!

Meditations on Winter -Inner Healing

For us sun-loving folks, winter can bring on a case of the moody blues. If you live in a climate with a particularly long and harsh winter, it can seem never-ending. Will the sun ever return?

Try not to despair! Know that this is a time to focus on yourself and your inner healing. Whether that be physical rest and rejuvenation, or emotional and spiritual healing. I feel that winter is a time where time slows down, activity slows down and our minds can slow down.

This ceasing of action creates space for us to actually focus on those details and process our healing. If we are in a state of constantly being too busy, we may neglect our own healing and health.

I feel that this may manifest as a negative state of mind if we are choosing not to see where we need to heal.

Reflect on what habits or activities need to be put to rest in your life. What new, beneficial habits would you like to cultivate over this time instead? Habits we take to now in this state of turn around and rest can transform and bear fruits in the busier seasons of spring and summer.

Winter is a wonderful time to do inner work, look at ourselves honestly and change ourselves for the better.

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Embrace the Season

The best advice I can offer for dealing with winter is to truly embrace the season. Continue to go outside for fresh air and sunshine to keep some movement going. At the same time, when you feel called to rest or have an early night, go for it.

On the days when you are feeling low from the rain and bad weather, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy a good novel.

Meditations on Winter – Summary

The winter season may feel like a long time where you live. But the sun will always come back around. Even if you have a shorter winter season like here in New Zealand, it can still be tough to cope with.

Take the time you need to process your healing, embrace the slower pace of life. Rest and recharge your mind, body and soul. Spring will be around the corner before you know it!

If you are needing immune support or mood support over the winter months, get in touch today. I offer a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss how my range of services may assist you on your health and healing journey.

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