New Moon Lunar Cycle

Hello everyone! Welcome to your new moon lunar cycle tarot reading. This was a special reading with some really clear guided messages coming through. What can you expect to see in this new moon?

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6 Month Forecast

Hello everyone! Welcome to your 6 month forecast reading. We have just celebrated Solstice – winter or summer depending on which part of the world you live in. In New Zealand, we also celebrated Matariki which is also known as Maori New Year. Let us welcome in this new year and new beginning together. Here is your energy reading for the next 6 months ahead. Love and light xx

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Third Quarter Lunar Cycle

Hello everyone! For this pick a card tarot reading I share predictions and an energy check in for the final phase of this lunar cycle. We are just about to wrap up this lunar cycle that spanned June and we will head into a new moon very shortly. This was such a fun and exciting reading with a lot of positive and inspirational messages. I hope you enjoy it.

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Benefits of Self Care

In this post I outline the benefits of a daily practice of self care. I share ideas on different self care practices and how to stay motivated. Self care is paramount to health and wellbeing. However, it is an area we usually drop first when times are busy. Finding a self care practice that you enjoy is key. I have written this from my experience as a qualified naturopath and intuitive healer.

self care flower nature

Self Care Daily Practice

There are so many benefits for starting a daily practice. Endless benefits in fact! I believe self care all comes down to our relationship with ourselves. In order to truly be present and show up in the world, we have to be grounded and centred.

Self care daily practices are the best method to keep ourselves grounded and centred. Nobody else can do that for us directly. Therefore, it is essential to take the time on a daily basis to align our mind, body and spirit with our heart centre.

When we connect with our heart centre, we connect with our purpose. To fill our own cup first is to nourish ourselves so we can show up in the world. Being able to offer our full amazing self at each moment is beautiful! Being present for ourselves and our offerings is what life is all about.

This is why daily self care is vital. Without a daily practice of self care, we can easily lose focus and direction. Our energy becomes scattered, we give too much of ourselves away. We start to feel our life force drain and feel cranky or upset.

Worst of all, when we stumble or hit a few road blocks we easily feel discouraged. Life becomes hard and a not so joyful space to be. It’s a bit like going on a road trip, but forgetting to fill up the car with gas. We won’t get far in life without self-care!

Nourishing Ourselves

How do you best relax? For me, I love taking a long walk outside with my dog. When I walk for an hour I feel like I’m able to process my thoughts and ‘dump’ out the negativity.

My head clears and by the end of my walk I feel refreshed and ready for life again. I can be reminded of the beauty of life when I witness nature on my walks. I feel the fresh air cleansing my system. The is sunlight shining and the birds are chirping, even in winter this is uplifting!

Self-Care Exercise

If you struggle to find what works best for you try this exercise:

Sitting in a quiet place, give yourself 5-10 minutes to tune out. Switch off the phone and computer or any other devices and screens.

Grab a pen and paper and write your name in the centre. Add key descriptive words that express your positive traits: happy, open, fun, relaxed, joyful are some examples. Really connect with those feelings and feel your heart open and joyful.

Now around your name, draw at least 4 circles with arrows pointing from the circles into the centre. Keeping those high vibes in place, consider what activities activate your happiness.

Inside each circle, write one activity you know is guaranteed to get you feeling happy, open or joyful. For me one circle would be nature walks. Another would be gardening. Another might be spending time with loved ones, and so on.

Add as many circles with activities you need. Some more ideas might include getting a massage, applying a face mask, taking a bath, or going shopping for a new outfit.

It will look different for everyone, but the point is you are doing this exercise to remind yourself what makes you happy. When you see all the wonderful things you know that you love to do, it reminds you that you are worth taking care of.

shallow photography of life is short enjoy your coffee signage
Self-Care Vision Board

You might even want to create a vision board with pictures of all the fun hobbies you enjoy. Especially do this if you find you don’t have time for self-care!

A vision board of your self-care joy is a constant reminder to you to let loose and have fun. It’s interesting how life will arrange opportunities for you to enjoy self-care when we are thinking of it more often.

Display it in an area like your work desk where you will see it the most often. When you get a free minute, take the time to sink into the feeling of bliss you get from your chosen self-care activities.

The key to manifesting your vision board is to really feel it from the heart.

Self-Care – Short and Sweet

Self-care doesn’t need to be a big lengthy exercise. You’re better off topping up your cup with small moments throughout the day and week.

Rather than waiting to feel upset and tired to begin your self-care, use self-care to prevent bad moods in the first place.

Being Present

My favourite way to integrate self care into my daily life is by being present and tuning into my awareness. Allow me to explain further.

I know that as a mother and business owner, I have a busy schedule at times. I also know that self-care is vital for me to show up in the world for my clients and my family. However, the time crunch can really play on my mind with ‘allowing’ myself time alone.

So my trick to overcoming this hurdle is to be present. If I am choosing work, I fully engage in work with my awareness. When I choose self-care, I fully immerse myself in the experience.

No more feeling like a split personality with my mind elsewhere than the task at hand!

Is this a familiar feeling for you? It’s quite common for mothers or parents to have ‘guilt’ for having alone time. It’s okay to now release that guilt because you deserve to have time for yourself.

self care alone freedom

Attitude of Gratitude

Self-care is all about appreciation for yourself. Even if you only have a small window of time for a wonderful activity, you can still love yourself at each moment during the day.

Integrate your self-care and self-love into each moment through gratitude. When you do your morning routine, sink into the enjoyment of the experience! Thank yourself for taking the time to do those small things that you appreciate.

Slowly over time, your self-care bank account begins to grow and accumulates good vibes. In time, this begins to overflow into abundance in all areas of your life. For example, better working relationships, happier family, relaxed energy at home and so on.

Remember, self-care is about loving yourself so you can love the journey of life.

Affirmations for Self-Care

Affirmations are a beautiful way to speak your self-care good vibes into reality. They help ground your self-care practice and solidify the effort you are making for yourself.

Try these affirmations; you can speak them out loud in front of a mirror or write them down in a journal.

  • I love myself and I am worthy of time alone to recharge.
  • The time I take for myself is loving and free from any guilt.
  • I feel incredible, recharged and ready for life when I take the time to care for myself.

Summary – Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care is an ongoing process. The more we put into ourselves, the more fulfilment and joy we will get out of life. The benefits really are endless, if we are centred and happy, life becomes easier in all respects.

I really encourage you to take the time for yourself today in the pockets of time you have available. You won’t regret it!

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Have a wonderful time, until next time.

Love and light,

Natasha xx

Messages for Lightworkers and Healers

This reading is a collective message for lightworkers and healers. I felt the pull from Spirit to share this message, based on a theme I had seen come up in my readings for others recently. I hope you enjoy this reading and find it inspiring on your journey ahead. Love and light xx

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Full Moon June 2022 Reading

Hello everyone. In this reading I share what changes to expect from this full moon June 2022. The full moon is in the sign Scorpio and spans into Sagittarius. It is a difficult time with a lot of intense energy but allow this to pass and you will feel grounded again soon. Love and light xx

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What Are You Celebrating Next?

In this pick a card tarot reading I share what you could be celebrating next. Spirit had a message to share of what to expect in different areas of your life where you could see change worth celebrating.

Love and light to you all,

Natasha xx

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Lunar Cycle First Quarter Predictions

Hello everyone. Here is another pick a card tarot reading all about the lunar cycle first quarter energy that awaits you. Enjoy!

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Love and light,
Natasha xx

Thyroid Disease; A Holistic Perspective

In today’s post I am opening up the conversation to discuss thyroid disease – a holistic perspective. This is a really broad topic as the thyroid has many actions in the body. The thyroid when imbalanced also displays many different symptoms. Plus it can become imbalanced in a range of ways. Phew! This post is written from my experience as a registered and qualified naturopath and herbalist. I am also a reiki healer and tarot card reader. I will also share my experience on the energetics of thyroid disease.

*Disclaimer – All content provided by Sage Intuition is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you have concerns about your health, please consult your doctor or another suitably qualified healthcare professional.

Thyroid Disease – Introduction

We have a beautiful butterfly shaped gland in our throat area called the thyroid. The thyroid takes care of many functions in the body. It produces thyroid hormones that aid in;

  • Energy metabolism
  • Growth
  • Development

When the thyroid becomes imbalanced, it can display in different ways:

  • Under active or hypothyroidism
  • Over active or hyperthyroidism
  • Post natal or postpartum thyroiditis
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • Autoimmune Graves’ disease
  • Goitre or an enlarged thyroid gland
  • Thyroid cancer

Thyroid Disease; A Holistic Perspective

The issue with thyroid disease I have found as a natural health practitioner is that it is so common. It seems to affect women more commonly than men, however men still do get thyroid issues.

Not only this, but it is often sub-clinical. This means there may be thyroid imbalance but it doesn’t show on blood tests. This could be for a range of reasons like the reference ranges used and more.

For clients that may have subclinical thyroid imbalances, I hear you and I see you. I feel these clients can really suffer because it feels like they aren’t being heard when they talk about their symptoms. Further investigation is required. As a naturopath, I use additional clinical assessments along with blood work to see if a thyroid imbalance is part of the picture.

Another issue with thyroid disease I have seen is that it can be silent. Everyday symptoms are common, but easily mistaken for other issues. Or it’s only when thyroid disease progresses in severity that it gets picked up by the doctor, blood work or the client themselves.

By then it becomes a more difficult condition to manage and often medication is required. However, there are plenty of natural health solutions to support healing of thyroid imbalances.

Thyroid Disease – Symptoms

I will briefly outline the more common thyroid disease presentations and their symptoms. This is by no means a complete list. If you have concerns, speak to your medical team.

Hypothyroidism – Under Active

Common symptoms include:

  • Brain fog, poor cognition, difficulty concentrating
  • Weight gain, being overweight or hard to lose weight
  • Hair loss
  • Feeling tired
  • Low mood or depression
  • Puffy face
  • Sensitive to the cold
  • Heavy/irregular menstrual periods
  • Constipation

Hyperthyroidism – Over Active

Common symptoms include:

  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Racing heart beat, heart palpitations
  • Feeling hot, sensitive to heat, sweating
  • Frequent bowel movements
  • Irritable, angry, high strung/anxious emotions
  • Hair loss, thin hair
  • Increased thirst and hunger
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Tremor in hands
  • Enlarged thyroid gland
  • If autoimmune Graves’ disease: tired, itchy (feels like grains of sand in eyes), or bulging eyes.

Postpartum Thyroiditis – After Giving Birth

This is a temporary thyroid condition. It begins either in the last few weeks of pregnancy or soon after giving birth. Typically, it presents has an overactive thyroid before dropping to low thyroid function before normalising. However, some women may develop permanent hypothyroidism and require ongoing treatment.

  • Over active thyroid symptoms at first. This can result in low breast milk supply due to increased metabolic demands.
  • Hair loss is also common, along with mood imbalances.
  • Under active thyroid symptoms may occur next.
  • Typical symptoms include feeling tired, low mood, weight gain and changes in bowel movements.

Often this condition is not picked up initially. I believe this is because the symptoms mimic many of common ups and downs of being a new mother. If you think this could be happening to you, persist for blood tests with your medical team.

Drivers of Thyroid Disease – A Holistic Perspective

So I have outlined a brief introduction to thyroid disease. Now I want to discuss what drives thyroid disease from a holistic perspective.

What are the underlying causes of thyroid disease? What steps can we take to prevent thyroid disease from occurring in the first place?

Gut Health

Gut health is one of the biggest drivers of thyroid disease. This might come across as an unrelated issue, but in holistic health care we see everything linked together. All systems are connected. If one system like the digestive tract is out of balance then it may affect other systems like the endocrine system (thyroid).

When I say gut health I’m talking about the following components:

  • Leaky gut syndrome
  • Undiagnosed coeliac disease
  • Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Gut microbiome imbalances
  • Weak digestion from low gastric secretions, impaired nutrient absorption, slow motility and elimination
  • Additives in food, processed foods and chemical exposure from food contributing to the above points

So what is the connection between gut health and thyroid health?

Leaky Gut

Let’s say we have an impaired digestive tract like leaky gut. Leaky gut is where the small intestine lining is damaged due to food intolerances, allergies and other factors. When the lining is damaged it creates hyper-permeability.

This means toxins and other particles pass through into the bloodstream, fuelling systemic inflammation. Normally toxins are filtered out by the small intestine and only nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Balanced thyroid function is highly dependant on nutrient availability. If there is nutrient depletion from inflammation, the thyroid may suffer.

Specific nutrients are required to make thyroid hormones. Without nutrients from diet and good absorption, the thyroid may be impacted. I will detail nutrients for thyroid function further below.

The essential takeaway here is this: If the body is in a state of inflammation and has impaired nutrient absorption, it can really affect optimal thyroid function.

Coeliac Disease

Another issue with gut health fuelling thyroid imbalances is undiagnosed coeliac disease.

Again coming back to the point detailed above of nutrient absorption and inflammation. Coeliac disease affects the small intestine. It is an autoimmune disease where gluten is the trigger for the body to attack itself.

The villi (small finger-like projections) in the small intestine flatten and atrophy due to the autoimmune attack. This significantly impairs nutrient absorption, but also leads to high levels of inflammation.

If you suspect or have been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease, I suggest to seek advice from your doctor to test for coeliac disease also.

Food Intolerances, Allergies and Sensitivities

Similar to the point above regarding leaky gut and coeliac disease. Consuming foods that we may knowingly or unknowingly be allergic to or have a sensitivity/intolerance to will trigger an inflammation reaction.

Chronic inflammation will deplete the body of vital nutrients. Nutrient stores are required to bring the body into balance after an inflammatory response. Think of anti-oxidants to combat free radicals.

If we have impaired digestion, food intolerances and on top of that taking in a high chemical load with poor nutrition, it’s no wonder things can become imbalanced!

In autoimmune thyroid disease foods can be triggers for flare ups. It may be best to have food sensitivity testing done and eliminate trigger foods.

High Chemical Load

Eating fruits and vegetables is essential for health! But if possible, I suggest to grow your own produce. Or if that isn’t an option, source from organic stores or farmers markets. Support growers who use spray free or organic growing methods.

Why is this important? If we are ingesting a high chemical load through our food, our body has to use nutrients and energy to detoxify and eliminate these chemicals. We overload the body with chemicals through food (pesticides) and environmental toxins like plastics, household cleaners and beauty products.

Further, environmental toxins interfere with the thyroid and endocrine system directly. They can block iodine uptake which inhibits thyroid hormone production. Other heavy metals may trigger goitre and even thyroid nodules.

It is really worthwhile to minimise your chemical exposure wherever possible:

  • Use natural cleaning products for the home
  • Use natural beauty products for skin, hair and nails
  • Support local organic growers by purchasing their fresh produce
  • Choose organic food at the store for cooking whole foods meals
  • No processed food! Sorry, but I have to be harsh here. Processed food like prepackaged cakes, breads, frozen meals and more are not going to benefit you. It will increase your chemical exposure and just isn’t worth it.


Stress is another big factor in thyroid disease. In my time of taking client case histories I have noticed a pattern. Thyroid disease tends towards the common factor of stress.

Either the client has had chronic stress for some time, or they had a stressful event which coincided with the beginning of a thyroid issue.

The relationship between stress and thyroid disease, especially autoimmune thyroid issues is simple:

  • Stress hormones are released in response to a stressor
  • Chronic stress changes the immune system
  • Immune system changes may contribute to autoimmune thyroid disease

I feel it is also important to mention the adrenal glands. The thyroid work in connection with the adrenal glands in the body. The adrenals help buffer stress responses.

Chronic or acute stress may alter thyroid hormone production and lead to imbalances in the thyroid. High glucocorticoids levels cause a decrease of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). This is commonly seen in hypothyroidism.

Thyroid Disease – Holistic Solutions

I have briefly covered the symptoms of common thyroid diseases. I have also explained in depth what drives thyroid disease from a holistic perspective. Now I want to discuss holistic solutions!

Naturopath Support

As a qualified naturopath, I have holistic solutions to support clients with thyroid disease, or suspected thyroid imbalances. First I begin with taking a full case history. I look to see areas of health that may be impacting upon the thyroid.

For example, looking at gut health, lifestyle, stress and diet. These factors all play a role in overall thyroid health. I also look at previous antibiotic use (gut health), stressful life events in the past and more.

The type of Wellness Plan I provide will depend on the individual. If they have suspected thyroid disease, I may refer them for blood tests from their doctor. Their unique case history will also give clues as to the best direction to take.

Client F – Wellness Plan Example

For example, Client F (fictional) has been through a difficult time recently. She has recently lost her job and has struggled to find a new one. She has been questioning the big changes in her life and her way forward. Client F feels overwhelmed at the turn of events.

During the time of her job loss, she initially felt panicked and scared. It took her a few days of shock for the news to fully sink in. Not long after she has had a low mood, experienced some weight gain and feels tired all the time.

Client F has been to her doctor for blood tests, but they have come back normal. Client F does not have clinical thyroid disease, but from her case history I may suspect a thyroid imbalance due to her stress.

She is seeking natural health support to feel better so she can move forward in life. As a naturopath, I don’t diagnose diseases, but I look at overall health to find holistic solutions.

For Client F, I may suggest the following recommendations:

  • Unique flower essence formula for emotional support
  • Dietary assessment with a focus on increasing B vitamins and antioxidants
  • Reduce stress levels through exercise and meditation
  • Affirmations and journalling for emotional expression and release
  • Herbal medicine formula based on her unique case history

These are but a few of the ideas which come to mind. It really is dependant on the exact type of thyroid disease and possible factors driving the imbalance, along with the client’s goals they have in mind.

assorted vegetables on brown wooden table

Nutrients and Nutrition for Thyroid Disease

I previously mentioned how thyroid function is dependant on nutrients. I will go into further detail about this now.


Nutrients help produce thyroid hormones. In addition to this, when the metabolism is increased in autoimmune thyroid disease (Graves’ for example), oxidative stress occurs at a higher rate. To combat this, we need high levels of anti-oxidants.

Further nutrients required for general optimal thyroid function include:

  • Essential fatty acids – Omega-3 from oily fish like salmon, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hemp and chia seeds or supplements.
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC)
  • Querticin
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Selenium
  • Vitamins A, B complex, C, D and E
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Iodine – A controversial nutrient to suggest as excessive supplementation is suggested to trigger onset of thyroid issues. However, iodine deficiency can lead to thyroid imbalances. Check with your medical team first before supplementing.

Nutrition recommendations for thyroid disease will depend on the type of thyroid disease at hand.

For example, for autoimmune thyroid disease a focus on foods rich in anti-oxidants are key. Colourful fruits and vegetables, oily fish, cold pressed oils, whole foods and whole grains with nuts and seeds.

It is also important to eliminate any foods which may be triggering an immune response, fuelling thyroid symptoms. Common food triggers in autoimmune thyroid disease are wheat and dairy, along with caffeine from coffee and even eggs.

A food sensitivity test can determine which foods may need to be eliminated temporarily until symptoms subside.

In hypothyroidism, it is important to limit raw foods from the Brassica family and soy as these may inhibit thyroid hormone production. These foods are known as goitrogens.

For hyperthyroidism, it is particularly important to avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol and other foods which trigger inflammation. Inflammation in hyperthyroidism is already high and needs high levels of anti-oxidants to prevent cell damage.

Hyperthyroid clients need to keep iodine consumption to a minimum, while goitrogen foods are encouraged. It is also important for them to focus on higher protein intake to minimise weight loss and keep hunger at bay.

General Recommendations for Thyroid Disease

For general support of thyroid health, I suggest the following:

  • Mediterranean diet. Whole foods, plant based with a high intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Minimal refined carbohydrates, sugars, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Reduce stress, increase relaxation
  • Sleep at least 8 hours per night
  • Regular movement and fresh air with natural sunlight
  • Hydration – 2L of pure drinking water per day
  • Reduce chemical load from food, pesticides, household cleaning products etc.
blue abstract painting

Energetics of Thyroid Disease; A Holistic Perspective

So far I have discussed thyroid disease from a holistic perspective with a focus on the physical body. Now I want to talk about the energetics of thyroid disease. I feel this is one of the biggest factors about thyroid disease which is not given enough attention.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is all about expression and communication. I feel on an intuitive level that if we are unable to express our emotions they can get caught in our throat. This creates a blockage in the energy flow of the throat chakra.

Have you ever had that feeling where there is a tight lump in your throat when you wanted to cry but couldn’t? This is exactly the feeling that describes a blocked throat chakra.

My belief about physical disease is that it all starts on the level of thought and emotions. The thoughts we think over and over again, for years eventually manifest as physical ailments or symptoms.

What kinds of thoughts would reinforce a blocked throat chakra? How would this relate to thyroid disease?

Creative Expression

Perhaps you were raised in a home where emotions were not freely expressed. Or if you tried to say how you were feeling, you were shut down.

This type of emotional stagnation can really affect the throat chakra. The thoughts that go through the mind when these situations happen are ‘I don’t deserve to express myself, my emotions don’t matter’.

Imagine these thoughts being reinforced on a daily basis by others, and ourselves for years. I feel this is a big factor in the physical manifestation of thyroid disease.

Ignoring our emotional expression doesn’t make the emotions go away. In fact, emotional expression in a healthy way is the best method for processing emotions. Processing emotions allows them to be released. When emotions are released we are kept in tune with the flow of life.

If we are unable to express our emotions through speech, journalling, or creative outlets they can get stuck in the throat. Over time, the negative energy put into this area accumulates into disease.

Because the thyroid is located in the throat, it relates to the throat chakra. The thyroid governs energy metabolism in the body. I feel that the thyroid gland helps us connect with and be in tune with the flow of life.


Affirmations – Hypothyroidism

For hypothyroidism (under active), there is a reduced level of energetic input into life. Perhaps there is a sense of not wanting to participate in life. This may come from fear of being rejected and being seen.

I feel this also relates to feeling deserving of good things and asking for what is needed. Keeping oneself small is a protective mechanism from being rejected. Why does this happen?

Perhaps as a child you were scolded or shamed for asking for something. This could have occurred in adult years also. Louise Hay suggests that thyroid issues relate to humiliation.

Shutting yourself down from the flow of life due to fear only limits your interactions to what is ‘safe’. But this is a closed off energy and doesn’t allow good things to flow your way.

The following affirmations may help you learn to trust the flow of life again:

  • I am safe to express my emotions. I express my emotions with ease.
  • Life sends good things my way and I receive openly. I am open to the flow of life.
  • I release the fear of being seen and warmly welcome new energy into my life.

Affirmations – Hyperthyroidism

For hyperthyroidism (over active), there is too much energy being forced into life. I feel this relates to being desperate to prove yourself in a situation. Perhaps there is an element of seeking validation others too.

Life may be demanding too much from you. You may be busy with many different high priority tasks. It becomes difficult for you to balance it all.

As a result, the body speeds up the metabolism by manifesting an over active thyroid. Forcing ourselves to over expend our energy to keep up with everyone else’s expectations is harmful. We can only live life at the right pace for us.

The following affirmations may help you find peace within yourself and find your own pace again:

  • I lovingly release all expectations of myself. I am good enough just as I am right now.
  • My own pace of life is right for me. I love myself unconditionally.
  • I set my own positive and realistic expectations of myself.


This was a really big article! If you’ve made it to the end, thank you so much for reading. I hope what I shared here today was helpful for your situation.

If you feel you would like additional support for your health, visit my bookings page. I offer a free 15 minute discovery call to discuss your health journey.

This article covered thyroid disease from a holistic perspective. If you have any questions from this post, please comment below or send me a message on my contact page. I would love to hear from you!

Love and light to you on your healing journey,

Natasha xx

Growth, Success and Opportunity

In this pick a card tarot reading I have a message from Spirit. This is a message of growth, success and opportunity that is heading your way. This was a very special reading, I hope you enjoy it.

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Meditations on Winter

In this post I share my musings on the season of winter. In New Zealand we are officially in winter. I like to meditate on what each unique season can bring in for us. Energetically, in winter there is much to see and reflect upon in our daily lives. This meditations on winter post is written from my experience as a naturopath, herbalist, gardener and intuitive healer.

clear glass sphere

Winter in New Zealand

In the upper/central north island in Waikato, we don’t tend to get snow during winter. However, with plenty of frosts we still feel the chill. Coming into winter, some may feel a slow growing sense of dread! Are you this way about the cooler seasons?

It’s understandable. Not everyone enjoys rain, snow, hail or frost! Extreme weather patterns give unpredictable forecasts too. Here in New Zealand, you can easily get all four seasons in one day any time of year.

However, I feel there is actually a lot worthwhile to embrace in winter. Allow me explain further.

scenic view of the mountains

Rest and Slowing Down

I love to reflect on how nature affects us as humans as the seasons change.

Even though we may not be forest and cave dwellers any longer, I believe humans and nature share an unbreakable connection. I feel nature gives us prompts and cues with the change of season that help us align with natural cycles in our body.

Meditations on Winter

For example, spring is a time of new growth, beginnings and fast moving upwards energy. While autumn tends to be a time of abundance, harvest, and inward directed fast moving energy.

Winter on the hand, is a time where everything, including us are prompted to slow down and rest. The diminishing daylight hours mean growth in the garden slows down.

This also affects animals and their productivity too. Winter slows grass growth for milking cows, and the shorter days cause hens to moult feathers and cease laying eggs until spring. Think of bears hibernating for winter. This means winter is a time for a long, well earned rest from our hard work.

We are wholeheartedly reliant on what our beautiful Mother Earth provides for us. I like to see us as the stewards of the planet, working to co-create harmony between us and other species in nature.

I feel when we consciously choose to tune into these natural rhythms, we can benefit greatly from the change of pace.

green grass on forest

Tuning In To Winter Rhythms

What does slowing down and rest mean for you? During winter, do you feel like you just want to stay home and cozy up?

For you, it might mean doing the bare minimum around socialising or going out. I feel like time at home during winter is the best! Do what needs to be done, but the time for being outdoors in the sun will come again soon.

Spring energy can often feel a bit exhausting at times as it is non-stop. Likewise, you may also be feeling particularly fatigued from a long, hot endless summer. Now is the time in winter to recuperate and nourish yourself so you are ready to embrace the sun again soon.

Build up your nutrient stores with wholesome, hearty meals. Drink warming broths and herbal cups of tea. Give yourself the gift of time to put your feet up and soak up the fruits of your hard work over summer!

Meditations on Winter -Inner Healing

For us sun-loving folks, winter can bring on a case of the moody blues. If you live in a climate with a particularly long and harsh winter, it can seem never-ending. Will the sun ever return?

Try not to despair! Know that this is a time to focus on yourself and your inner healing. Whether that be physical rest and rejuvenation, or emotional and spiritual healing. I feel that winter is a time where time slows down, activity slows down and our minds can slow down.

This ceasing of action creates space for us to actually focus on those details and process our healing. If we are in a state of constantly being too busy, we may neglect our own healing and health.

I feel that this may manifest as a negative state of mind if we are choosing not to see where we need to heal.

Reflect on what habits or activities need to be put to rest in your life. What new, beneficial habits would you like to cultivate over this time instead? Habits we take to now in this state of turn around and rest can transform and bear fruits in the busier seasons of spring and summer.

Winter is a wonderful time to do inner work, look at ourselves honestly and change ourselves for the better.

selective focus of herbal medicine on a wooden spoon

Embrace the Season

The best advice I can offer for dealing with winter is to truly embrace the season. Continue to go outside for fresh air and sunshine to keep some movement going. At the same time, when you feel called to rest or have an early night, go for it.

On the days when you are feeling low from the rain and bad weather, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy a good novel.

Meditations on Winter – Summary

The winter season may feel like a long time where you live. But the sun will always come back around. Even if you have a shorter winter season like here in New Zealand, it can still be tough to cope with.

Take the time you need to process your healing, embrace the slower pace of life. Rest and recharge your mind, body and soul. Spring will be around the corner before you know it!

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What Is Being Illuminated?

Hello everyone. In this pick a card tarot reading I share a message from Spirit. There is something that is currently unseen that is unfolding and will soon be brought into the light. What is being illuminated for you?

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Reiki for Letting Go

In this video I offer you distance reiki to assist with letting go and moving on from the past. Spirit gave me the message that someone out there was needing help with letting go. I hope this helps you bring in the energy to shift through what is holding you back. Allow yourself to let go and move forward.

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Love and light,

Natasha xx

Energy Shift Happening Now

Hello everyone. In this new tarot reading I share a message from Spirit about the energy shift happening now in your life. We have three piles to choose from so take a moment to centre yourself and listen to your intuition.

A lot of changes have been happening, especially astrologically. I feel that there has either been a big shift for the collective recently, or there is a transition into a new chapter about to begin. I wish you all the best of luck on your journey ahead.

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Reiki for Abundance

Hello everyone. In this post I share my video I uploaded to YouTube. I offer you distance reiki for abundance, set in pristine New Zealand native forest. At one point you’ll see me look off – there was a loud train or plane going past but the reiki energy is still flowing. You’re welcome to listen to this on mute and allow the reiki energy to flow to you.

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What Energy Are You Bringing In?

Hi everyone! I’m here to share my latest upload to YouTube. This is a pick a card tarot reading with 3 piles to choose from. Spirit gave me the message to share that this is all about what new energy you are bringing into your life currently.

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Suit of Wands Reference Guide

I have created a free PDF download for the Suit of Wands. This is based on the classic tarot deck by Rider-Waite Smith. I hope this helps you on your journey to learning and reading the tarot.

Suit of Wands Reference Guide PDF Download

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Love and light,

Natasha xx

Health Benefits of Citrus

Here in New Zealand, we are entering into the cooler months of late autumn and winter. With this brings us a bounty of seasonal produce to enjoy. Some of my favourite seasonal fruits are citrus. The health benefits of citrus are plentiful. A rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy these tasty, colourful fruits! This post is written from my experience as a qualified naturopath based in New Zealand.

Growing Citrus

Citrus fruits are generally seasonal here in New Zealand throughout winter. Some crops like mandarins may be early producers, but some varieties are late season.

This is great because you can extend the harvest throughout all of winter to ensure a constant supply of delicious fruit!

Another brilliant thing about growing citrus is how well they store. The best way to store lemons is to actually keep them on the tree, and pick each one as you need it! They won’t dry up until much later on, but if you picked them all at once they may spoil much faster.

If you are keen to give growing citrus a go, try small dwarf varieties. They can be grown in big pots like half wine barrels. In my home garden I have 4 dwarf citrus trees; mandarin, lemon, lime and orange.

Although they are still young plants, they are starting to fruit well already!

lemon tree health benefits citrus

Health Benefits of Citrus

There are so many different types of citrus available to us.

  • Limes
  • Lemons
  • Grapefruit
  • Oranges
  • Tangelo
  • Mandarin
  • Pomelo

I’m sure I’m missing a few more! Each citrus fruit will have a different array of nutrients. However, there are many overlapping health benefits of citrus that I will now outline.


Grapefruits are said to be an excellent source of pectin. Pectin is commonly known as the thickening agent found naturally in fruits, that is used in setting jams and jellies.

However, when consumed as a whole food like in grapefruit, pectin offers many health benefits. There is some research to show that consuming grapefruit (containing pectin) offers cholesterol lowering properties.

Although if you aren’t a fan of grapefruit then many other fruits also contain pectin!

Please note: You must also be careful to not consume grapefruit if your medication is contraindicated. Grapefruit contains a flavonoid called naringin that reduces liver enzyme activity. So if you’re taking medication and eating grapefruit, it can lead to toxic build up.

cut oranges citrus health benefits


Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds found in plant foods that provide a range of health benefits. Typically, flavonoids are responsible for the bright, cheerful colours in rainbow fruits and vegetables. Another bonus is that brightly coloured foods are powerhouses of nutrition.

Flavonoids are a type of anti-oxidant which are important for fighting inflammation and disease in the body. Many preventable and chronic diseases in society today can be remedied through an anti-inflammatory diet. An anti-inflammatory diet is one based on whole plant foods, rich in colourful fruits and vegetables.

Citrus like limes and lemons contain phytochemicals and flavonoids, which are high in anti-oxidants, along with anti cancer properties.

close up of fruits in bowl citrus


The most obvious vitamin citrus is known for is vitamin C! All citrus fruits have appreciable levels of vitamin C. I believe this is of the most important nutrients on the planet.

Vitamin C is another powerful anti-oxidant. It is essential for wound repair and collagen production. It also helps to scavenge free radicals which would otherwise lead to inflammation throughout the body. Vitamin C has been shown to boost immunity. It also protects against environmental pollutions.

There’s no excuse! Get your daily dose of vitamin C by having an orange or mandarin for your morning snack today. There are plenty of other plant foods that contain vitamin C so shop around for your favourite choice.


I love to look at foods from a holistic view. For me, a holistic views looks at the energetics of food and how this affects the body. For example, citrus are bright, vibrant and full of flavour. This to me relates to the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

These chakras are considered to be orange and yellow in colour. The sacral chakra governs our creative energy centre, our passions and our emotions. To me, consuming zesty, flavourful and juicy citrus feels invigorating and encourages the flow of energy. I feel that citrus fruits vibrate at a level which is associated with fun, joy and creativity.

The solar plexus chakra relates to our ability to move forward in life and taking inspired action on our ideas. It also gives us confidence and healthy self-esteem. With this yellow coloured chakra, I feel that it certainly relates to the digestive organs too and their ability to assimilate nutrients. Citrus is filled with vitamin C helps us absorb nutrients, and fibre helps us have healthy digestion and elimination.

If you are interested in learning more about the connection with foods and the chakras, let me know in the comments below and I will write more on this topic!

sun fire hot solar plexus chakra

Ways To Enjoy The Health Benefits of Citrus

There are endless ways to enjoy the health benefits of citrus!

  • Fresh squeezed orange juice. Delicious! Try juice oranges with cucumber, ginger and kale for a slightly sweet green juice.
  • Fruit salad. Add mandarin pieces with mango, pineapple and berries. Serve with yogurt and a handful of nuts.
  • As a snack any time of day; orange, grapefruit or mandarin.
  • I enjoy using lemons in my cooking. I always add the juice right at the end before serving. It gives acidity and lifts the whole dish.
  • Limes are great with spicy food like Mexican beans and rice. I always make guacamole with fresh lime juice. Limes are one of my most favourite fragrances!
sliced lime citrus

Health Benefits of Citrus Summary

So far we have covered a few of the health benefits of citrus. I’ve shared my tips for growing your own citrus and how to enjoy citrus in your favourite savoury or sweet dishes. Finally, we also addressed the health benefits of citrus with their array of nutrients!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and feel inspired to try out a few of these delicious fruits in your week ahead.

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All the best for you in journey to health and wellness

Natasha xx

Blessings You Are Ready To Receive

In this post I share a tarot reading I filmed for YouTube. The theme is a message from Spirit sharing that you are ready to receive blessings. What blessings are you ready to receive? Watch the video to find out.

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