How To Make White Sage Smudge Sticks

In this post I share my process on how to make white sage smudge sticks from scratch using freshly harvested white sage. I outline the traditional uses of white sage and how to use your white sage smudge sticks for energy cleansing. I have written this post from my experience as a herbalist, naturopath, intuitiveContinue reading “How To Make White Sage Smudge Sticks”

How To Make Calendula Healing Salve

I recently posted a herbal medicine tutorial on how to make your own calendula infused oil. You can use calendula oil in a range of home made natural beauty products. It works especially well for a healing salve or balm. Learn how to make calendula healing salve today. Stock it in your medicine cabinet forContinue reading “How To Make Calendula Healing Salve”

How to Make Calendula Infused Oil

Learn how to make calendula infused oil in this simple herbal medicine tutorial for beginners. Some basic ingredients and kitchen equipment are all you need to start making your own herbal medicine. Making Your Own Herbal Products I love making my own herbal medicine body and beauty products. There is a huge range of itemsContinue reading “How to Make Calendula Infused Oil”

Chive Flower Vinegar Herbal Infusion Tutorial

Chive flower vinegar is a beautiful way to preserve the flowering tops of your chive plants. Infusing the fresh flavour of chive flowers in apple cider vinegar provides a flavoursome base for your next salad dressing vinaigrette. Ingredients Needed for Chive Flower Vinegar: This is a truly simple recipe; you only need two main ingredientsContinue reading “Chive Flower Vinegar Herbal Infusion Tutorial”