Intuitive Readings

Gain clarity and perspective on your unique situation by connecting with your higher self and intuition.


Trusting your gut. Following your heart. These are common phrases we attribute to intuition, or instinct. But what does intuition really mean?

I believe intuition is our inner knowing voice. The voice that helps guide us in our daily lives. When we switch off the chatter of the mind, the voice of intuition can speak loudly without fear.

Some say when you learn to trust your intuition, the answers you seek will be revealed. The path and next steps forward open up.

Book an Intuitive Reading

I offer several different options for my intuitive readings service, please see the details below.

All my readings are done face to face via Zoom live and are available to everyone worldwide.

30 Minute Reading

  • Insight into your situation through channeled intuitive messages.
  • Best option for answering one question with clarity for your situation.
  • $55 NZD

60 Minute Reading

  • Insight into your situation through channeled intuitive messages.
  • Best option for answering one question in depth.
  • $88 NZD
intuitive readings 3 reading bundle

3 Reading Bundle

  • Once a week 60 minute intuitive reading sessions taking place over 3 weeks.
  • Insight into your situation through channeled intuitive messages.
  • Best option for a more complex situation or answering 1-3 questions in depth.
  • $222 NZD
intuitive readings reiki bundle

Reiki & Reading Bundle

  • 60 minute distance reiki session followed by 30 minute intuitive reading.
  • Best option for holistic approach to healing and seeking answers and clarity.
  • Find inner peace and calmness from reiki healing.
  • $122 NZD

Intuitive Readings

I use my intuition to guide my decision making. I feel my way through life and my intuition has never let me down.

Through developing my intuitive strength, I have naturally gravitated towards giving intuitive readings for others with tarot cards.

In my intuitive readings I use both traditional tarot and oracle cards to reveal messages that need to be heard. I work with your energy and helpful spirit guides to help channel messages to clarify your unique situation.

My aim is to interpret what the cards are saying to you. I reflect to you the messages I see with warmth, positivity and love for your highest and greatest good.

Sometimes the messages we receive are not the ones we want to hear, but the ones we need to hear. I deliver these messages to you with compassion and sensitivity.

Receiving an intuitive reading can help enable us to understand our situation from a new perspective and shift our awareness so we can return to a state of balance and harmony.

Heart Over Head

Connecting with our intuition is a powerful and transformative experience.

I believe in the power of our thoughts and emotions. By choosing to change our thoughts (and emotional responses to situations) can sculpt our everyday into a positive new reality.

Our thoughts hold a powerful means for creating the life we want to live. All we need to do is develop our awareness of the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel. This is method is sometimes called ‘being heart-centred’ or simply ‘mindfulness’.

If we are thinking negative thoughts, we speak negative and disempowering words, which then create further negative experiences in our daily life. This repeating cycle only reinforces our negative outlook and view on the world!

To break this cycle, we must look with honesty and compassion at ourselves. Begin with treating yourself like a small child who needs love, care and attention. Connect with your heart space to hear your intuition speak. Allow your heart and intuition to be your guiding light.