New Moon Lunar Cycle

Hello everyone! Welcome to your new moon lunar cycle tarot reading. This was a special reading with some really clear guided messages coming through. What can you expect to see in this new moon? If you would like a personal reading, visit my bookings page to learn more.

6 Month Forecast

Hello everyone! Welcome to your 6 month forecast reading. We have just celebrated Solstice – winter or summer depending on which part of the world you live in. In New Zealand, we also celebrated Matariki which is also known as Maori New Year. Let us welcome in this new year and new beginning together. HereContinue reading “6 Month Forecast”

Third Quarter Lunar Cycle

Hello everyone! For this pick a card tarot reading I share predictions and an energy check in for the final phase of this lunar cycle. We are just about to wrap up this lunar cycle that spanned June and we will head into a new moon very shortly. This was such a fun and excitingContinue reading “Third Quarter Lunar Cycle”

Messages for Lightworkers and Healers

This reading is a collective message for lightworkers and healers. I felt the pull from Spirit to share this message, based on a theme I had seen come up in my readings for others recently. I hope you enjoy this reading and find it inspiring on your journey ahead. Love and light xx I offerContinue reading “Messages for Lightworkers and Healers”

Full Moon June 2022 Reading

Hello everyone. In this reading I share what changes to expect from this full moon June 2022. The full moon is in the sign Scorpio and spans into Sagittarius. It is a difficult time with a lot of intense energy but allow this to pass and you will feel grounded again soon. Love and lightContinue reading “Full Moon June 2022 Reading”

What Are You Celebrating Next?

In this pick a card tarot reading I share what you could be celebrating next. Spirit had a message to share of what to expect in different areas of your life where you could see change worth celebrating. Love and light to you all, Natasha xx If you would like a personal reading, visit myContinue reading “What Are You Celebrating Next?”

What Is Being Illuminated?

Hello everyone. In this pick a card tarot reading I share a message from Spirit. There is something that is currently unseen that is unfolding and will soon be brought into the light. What is being illuminated for you? I offer personal readings and distance reiki healing sessions for everyone world wide. Visit my bookingContinue reading “What Is Being Illuminated?”

What Energy Are You Bringing In?

Hi everyone! I’m here to share my latest upload to YouTube. This is a pick a card tarot reading with 3 piles to choose from. Spirit gave me the message to share that this is all about what new energy you are bringing into your life currently. I hope you enjoy this reading! If youContinue reading “What Energy Are You Bringing In?”

Suit of Wands Reference Guide

I have created a free PDF download for the Suit of Wands. This is based on the classic tarot deck by Rider-Waite Smith. I hope this helps you on your journey to learning and reading the tarot. Suit of Wands Reference Guide PDF Download If you are interested in a personal reading from me, visitContinue reading “Suit of Wands Reference Guide”

What Will Be Revealed?

In this post I share the tarot reading I filmed for YouTube. The theme of this reading was for the full moon in Scorpio on May 15/16th 2022. This full moon was also a powerful lunar eclipse. The readings I give are with the intention of being timeless. So whenever you hear this message, itContinue reading “What Will Be Revealed?”