What Is Being Illuminated?

Hello everyone. In this pick a card tarot reading I share a message from Spirit. There is something that is currently unseen that is unfolding and will soon be brought into the light. What is being illuminated for you? I offer personal readings and distance reiki healing sessions for everyone world wide. Visit my bookingContinue reading “What Is Being Illuminated?”

Suit of Wands Reference Guide

I have created a free PDF download for the Suit of Wands. This is based on the classic tarot deck by Rider-Waite Smith. I hope this helps you on your journey to learning and reading the tarot. Suit of Wands Reference Guide PDF Download If you are interested in a personal reading from me, visitContinue reading “Suit of Wands Reference Guide”

Spirit Has A Message Of Healing

In this post, I share my recent tarot reading I filmed for YouTube. Spirit guided me to share a message of healing with you. This was a special reading to give. I hope you feel renewed strength and joy from this reading. I now offer personal readings. If you are interested in learning more, visitContinue reading “Spirit Has A Message Of Healing”