6 Month Forecast

Hello everyone! Welcome to your 6 month forecast reading. We have just celebrated Solstice – winter or summer depending on which part of the world you live in. In New Zealand, we also celebrated Matariki which is also known as Maori New Year. Let us welcome in this new year and new beginning together. HereContinue reading “6 Month Forecast”

What Are You Celebrating Next?

In this pick a card tarot reading I share what you could be celebrating next. Spirit had a message to share of what to expect in different areas of your life where you could see change worth celebrating. Love and light to you all, Natasha xx If you would like a personal reading, visit myContinue reading “What Are You Celebrating Next?”

Lunar Cycle First Quarter Predictions

Hello everyone. Here is another pick a card tarot reading all about the lunar cycle first quarter energy that awaits you. Enjoy! I offer personal readings to worldwide clients. Visit my booking page to learn more. Love and light,Natasha xx

Blessings You Are Ready To Receive

In this post I share a tarot reading I filmed for YouTube. The theme is a message from Spirit sharing that you are ready to receive blessings. What blessings are you ready to receive? Watch the video to find out. If you are interested in learning more about my work, visit my about me page.Continue reading “Blessings You Are Ready To Receive”