Begin your transformation today.

Let me help you learn the tools and techniques for thriving in health and wellness, so your true self can shine.

I’m Natasha – your intuitive naturopath, medical herbalist and reiki master.

I offer a unique blend of combining intuition, energy healing and natural health solutions to your wellness journey.

I guide women to attain inner balance and harmony with vibrant physical health.



herbal tea natural beauty naturopathy
  • Natural and holistic approach to your healthcare
  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Nutrition analysis and food sensitivity testing

Herbal Medicine

Echinacea flower natural beauty naturopathy
  • Tonics for a range of health concerns: immunity support, digestion, skin conditions and more
  • Tailored unique to you
  • Suitable for any age range including children


reiki candle for meditation
  • Energy based healing for holistic wellbeing
  • Promotes self-healing and regeneration through deep relaxation
  • Gain clarity and focus by releasing stress

You deserve a life of balance, vibrancy and harmony.

I believe our health is our true wealth. We may never value it fully unless we have experienced illness. Health is a state of true vitality and joy. It is where we radiate beauty from the inside out.

I use safe and natural methods to support your health journey. Nourishing herbs, lifestyle and dietary recommendations form the base of your wellness plans. You are supported every step of the way.

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