Cycle of Healing

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The cycle of healing is a naturopathic process of cleansing, activating, nourishing and relaxing the body into balance and health.

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Why Healing is Required

Dis-ease occurs when there is an imbalance in the body in one or more of its systems. It may manifest as physical symptoms or emotional states, or both. There is a strong connection with the mind, emotions and the body, so they all must be viewed holistically.

The most important part of naturopathic care is to find the underlying cause of dis-ease. By identifying the root cause of dis-ease, the road map back to wellness is now a clear path forward.

From here, I look where balance is required to address health concerns and use natural health methods to support self-healing in the body. This includes fasting, prescription herbal medicine, detoxification supplements, clay therapy and more.

The cycle of healing is a step by step process for rebalancing the body into health and vitality. Each step is carried out in a particular order to optimise homeostasis and health by working with the body and its functions.

I like to compare the cycle of healing to paddling downstream. You are going with the flow, not against it. I work with the body to optimise its processes and getting real, lasting results of true health. Simply treating the symptoms of dis-ease is not healthcare, as it fails to solve the issue on a deeper level.

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Cleansing is the first step in the cycle of healing. Depending on the severity of dis-ease manifestation will determine the type and length of time required for cleansing.

For example, some people only require a gentle spring cleanse to kick start their body into action. For others, perhaps with a persistent health concern such as idiopathic infertility will need a deeper, longer cleanse.

I use iridology, comprehensive consultations and face/tongue/nails analysis to determine the best type of cleanse suitable.

Some examples of cleanses include:
-Heavy metal detox
-Pre-conception cleanse
-Parasite removal
-Gut cleanse
-Liver detox
-Lymphatic cleanse
-Gall bladder cleanse

As you can see, there is a huge range of cleanses that can help you to feel vibrant in physical health. It all depends on which cleanse is most suitable for you which is highly individual. Each type of cleanse or detox is customised for your unique body type and health goals.

It is important to note that cleansing is a powerful step in the cycle of healing. It takes courage to step onto the path of self-healing, and taking full responsibility for health. Cleansing is a purifying process – shedding the old patterns, thoughts, beliefs and ideas we have outgrown.

Often a lot of deeper, unaddressed issues can come to the surface that need to be resolved. It can be taxing energetically to have a lot of things come forth, so my advice is to take cleansing on the more gentle side at first. Easing into it is better than going full force.

I have also seen people who do too much cleansing at once and begin to feel tired and worn out. This is because they need to balance cleansing with the next steps in the cycle of healing; activating, nourishing and relaxing.


Activating is the second step in the cycle of healing. Clearing out the excess waste products in the body through cleansing paves the way for feeling energised again.

I suggest activating health protocols that support wellbeing by increasing circulation, improving nutrient assimilation, energising the brain and strengthening the immune system, to name a few.

If your circulatory system is flowing strongly, your body will be efficiently circulating nutrients and oxygen to your all cells. Can you imagine the amazing feeling of vitality where you are energised on a cellular level?

By improving your nutrient uptake through activating the digestive system, all the nutritious food you consume will be absorbed and used by your body. I think everyone wants glowing skin, glossy healthy hair, strong nails and clear eyes!

These are but a few examples of what activating will do in the cycle of healing. It is where you start to really feel good, and get visible results with your healing journey.

I think of the following words and feelings that activating brings:


Nourishing is one of my favourite steps in the cycle of healing. It is where I find a deep level of lasting health is attained, but only if this step is invested in properly.

I would suggest that nourishing is the most critical step in the cycle of healing, yet the most overlooked. The reason being, after doing a cleanse and getting activated most people feel amazing, healthier and think “that’s it”.

I will be honest here, it took time to get into a state of dis-ease and now it will take time and effort to get back into a healthy state of being. There are no quick fixes, and lasting solutions are built on daily habits repeated over the course of weeks and months.

This is why nourishing is so important to maintain this new sense of health and vitality. It is a space for cultivating deep self love, building healthy habits, and expanding our capacity for healing and growth.

When there is a need for deep tissue regeneration, adrenal support and/or hormonal balance, nourishing protocols are the way forward.

If there has been a history of inflammation, autoimmune disease, tissue damage or gut issues (to name a few examples!) then nourishing healthy new tissue growth is key.

Quite literally, rebuilding the body on a new healthy foundation is required. Otherwise, there may be a tendency to slip back into destructive patterns and dis-ease can easily flare up again.

How frustrating it feels to be right back at square one after all that work! This is because the body is still actively healing and renewing itself on a cellular level. Keep working hard at nourishing yourself and you will soon be in the next stage: relaxing.


Finally, you’ve made it! Relaxing is the final step in the cycle of healing. Here is where you get to enter into the peaceful state of maintenance. The essence of working through a full cycle of healing is to come to this state of equilibrium.

The idea of cleansing is to remove excess, unwanted waste products. We then heighten our energy levels and vitality through activating. Nourishing follows to enhance deep restoration. Finally relaxing is where we can enjoy a state of peace and bliss in our newfound level of health.

This is the feeling of a runners high, riding the wave to shore or feeling in flow with life. You have done the hard work and now it is time to embrace the good in life and enjoy your bliss, sinking into the feeling of peace and calm you have earned.

The main focus of relaxing at this step in the cycle of healing is maintenance. Continuing on with your daily health practices to maintain your well being is the key.


The only constant in life is change! In time, life happens and you will become aware of when another cycle of healing is to commence. Perhaps your energy levels begin to drop, or as the seasons change in nature you feel called to undergo a seasonal cleanse.

This is a natural and cyclical process and self-awareness of your body will indicate when you are ready to step into the cycle of healing again. There is no right or wrong answer, or exact time frame. Trust your body to communicate what it needs and follow through from a place of self love.

If you are interested to learn more about the cycle of healing, cleansing or any other natural health solutions, feel free to send me a message on my contact page. I always answer any questions you may have.

For ongoing support, visit my group on Facebook – Flourishing Feminine. I post here new videos on health, healing and herbal medicine every week.

With love and light to you on your health journey,

Natasha xx

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